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About Michael Franti

If there was ever an artist that was thought prevoking and pays homage to all of the songwriter greats or as he calls it "telling a story" such as the likes of Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder, there would be none other than Michael Franti. As he gives the power to the people through bringing crowds together during his concerts and gives hope and heartfelt feeling through his recorded tracks.

The Californian born and bred singer songwriter and musician, Michael Franti is known all around the world, but kick started his career in North America, where he remains to be at his most popular. 

But Michael Franti was destined from the get go to appeal to the masses, with his incredible family history, from his Mother's background with Irish, German and Belgian blood and his father's of African-American and Native American decent. He had multi-cultural experience from a young age, however all was not easy and straight forward for his upbringing. Due to a non-understanding and Racist immediate family on his mother's side, Mary Lofy, Michael's mother put him up for adoption, afraid of what her family might think and he was soon adopted by a couple in Oakland, where he continued his life and gained the Franti name from his new father. 

All of this life experience has helped to shape Michael Franti's music career, giving him an unfortune but inspiring place to begin songwriting, it's no wonder he has concentrated on bringing people together and making light of the situation.

During his school life, Michael Franti was introduced to a priest, who gave him ideas on how he could put his emotions and tales into writing, this is when he began to express himself through the art of poetry and the rest is history. He quickly followed his life passion and learnt how to play the bass, an important instrument that features in all of his biggest genre's to date, as he listened to Hiphop, Punk and Reggae primarily and tried to absorb every inch of what goes into making his favorite songs.

Early Music & Beginnings

Michael Franti's new found love for words and music, paved way to the beginning of his career and in 1986, he joined his first ever band, The Beatnigs, an industrial punk and spoken world group. Together they took over the San Francisco scene whilst at University and quickly gained a dedicated following.

After this he moved onto join another band called The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, where he started to develop on his skills as a songwriter and the activism that we all know of Michael Franti today. With successful live performances which included their hard hitting, political lyrics, they were able to create a debut album and were featured as a support band for U2 during their Zoo TV Tour.

1994 - 2000

After his start in music, Michael Franti gained a lot of experience within the industry and fast forward to almost ten years later to 1994 and he was more than ready to form his own collective. Under the name "The Spearhead", his band were born and he was on his way to stardom.

Four years later, Michael and his band kick started their career with their first two records, but their second "Chocolate Supa Highway" put them on the map for all top see. As it shon light on their Hiphop influences as well as their love for Reggae and featured top names such as Stephen Marley and Joan Osbourne.

As their dedication to the music grew, the band new that they had to rebrand and left their current label in order to be able to call themselves "Michael Franti & Spearhead" - another nod to creating a unit instead of division between people. Together they released their first album under their new name, "Stay Human" in 2000.

2001 - 2007 

With Michael Franti's clear drive for shedding light on political issues, his instantly reconizable sound was starting to develop. And during the early 2000's, he began his collaborational work with other artists, featuring on Lamb's record "What Sound."

By 2003, Franti had affirmed his musical sound and gave to the world Everyone Deserves Music, the album showcased his love for all kinds of music as it hinted on elements of Reggae, Dancehall, Funk, Afrobeat and Ska as well as Rock and even Soul and Motown. Crossing over so many genre's within one record, might normally seem like an obscure thing to do, but if anyone can pull it off, Michael Franti can.

Over the next few years, Michael and his band communicated through their songs the troubles that were going on in the world, as they dropped their song "Light Up Ya Lighter" and "Bomb The World" to speak about the wars happening in Iraq and globally. They were very much involved in starting a movement to shed light on topics that aren't widely conversed about, always trying to create a peaceful exterior at the same time.


2008 - Present

In 2008, Michael Franti & Spearhead brought out their album All Rebel Rockers which provided them with their breakthrough onto the mainstream scene, gaining their first chart topper with "Say Hey (I Love You)" which still remains to be one of their fans favorite songs to date.

Just two years later in 2010 came the release of The Sound of Sunshine, possibly their most talked about, most loved and most famous record to date as it included some of their biggest songs, "Hey Hey Hey" "Shake It" "I'll Be Waiting" and of course the album title track!

In 2013, Franti of course brought out his album, All People which included his next biggest single "I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)".

Over these incredible last few years, Michael Franti has shown his involvement with standing with the people and the importance of getting across everyone's opinions, he has also given the world sensational songs that have empowered and inspired the masses.

In 2018 Michael Franti spoke about his next album to come, Stay Human, Vol. II and in 2019, the excitement that surrounded it's release was out of this world. And in 2019, the time finally came for eager fans, along with a brand new single "Just to Say I Love You" - that has once again blown everyone away. 

Michael Franti has proven that his career is destined for greatness and he will continue to make music, with this wonderful news comes an unstoppable tour and gives his fans another chance to be a part of the lucky crowd.

Michael Franti & Spearhead shows are unique and full of feel good moments that will stay in our memories and hearts forever - choose your date and experience it all for yourself.

Michael Franti & Spearhead

Michael Franti & Spearhead Tickets

Bringing all of the good vibes where-ever he goes, Michael Franti is a powerful songwriter and knows how to use it as a tool to spread the message of positivity to the world through music! 

As he takes away the barriers between people, he also does the same within the genre's as his sound merges Hiphop, Funk, Reggae, Pop, Rock, Jazz... you name it, he's got it!

Michael Franti has been giving crowds the time of his life and fans just can't get enough of his sunshiney feel on songs such as; "I'm Alive" "The Sound of Sunshine" and his latest sensation, "Just to Say I Love You."

Want to witness his incredible spirited performance live in concert?! Here's your chance! Keep up to date with all of Michael Franti & Spearhead dates as soon as they are announced!