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There are a vast array of concerts, musicals, theatre shows and more to look forward to seeing live in-the-flesh later this year, but these are unprecedented times with the nation taking to their homes and self-isolating in the wake of Covid-19.

However, that doesn't mean your lockdown can't be entertaining! And honestly, what could be better than some of the world's biggest and best musicians, bands, actors, DJs, and more live-streaming straight to your living room?

Showing that even a global pandemic can't stop the flow of creativity, dozens of A-listers are offering you the chance to get virtually up-close-and-personal with them through a series of online events, all delivered via the internet to your home.

With the help of a dedicated Virtual VIP Host who will guide your experience, you can enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with your favorite performers like never before!




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Learn from legends

Do you want to learn a new skill, fancy yourself as the Next Big Thing, or are you interested to see behind the curtain at the work it takes to be a world-famous artist...? Then why not book a virtual lesson with the star of your choice? There are options for both live and pre-recorded lessons, so if you're keen to bask in that celebrity magic you can learn directly from a live-stream or, if you'd prefer to take things at your own pace, you can do that with a pre-taped class! Either way, you get to study with the very best in a way that few fans could have even imagined!

Meet your idols

Have you dreamed of the opportunity to talk to your ultimate idol? Well, now, thanks to the wonders of live-streaming, you can with a virtual meet-and-greet! That's right – face-to-face time chatting like old friends with one of your favorite people on the whole planet! So get your questions ready and prepare to geek-out with glee!

Virtual reality

Those of you who enjoy participating in the cutting-edge of technology will love the virtual reality packages, where you can drink in the atmosphere of an exclusive performance as if you were there in the room yourself! No need to sacrifice the unmistakeably electric feeling of being in the crowd, but you get to enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home!

And finally, you can make a fantasy become reality with a pre-recorded personalized message from your hero! A video just for you from one of the icons of the stage!


Not only will you be enjoying the experience of a liftime, but you'll also be supporting the cause too: a portion of all proceeds will go to Feeding America and First Responders Children's Foundation which are helping victims, first-responders and their families during the Covid-19 pandemic. Helping extraordinary people during extraordinary times with some extraordinary events and encounters!

All this coming to a screen very near you... Check out the list above for a round-up of all the unbelieveable opportunities and packages that will get you one step closer to some of the industry's biggest legends and icons and see you through quarantine in style!


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If your event is canceled due to COVID-19, you have the choice to receive either:

  • 110% voucher of your original purchase price, less delivery fees
  • Refund of your original purchase price, less delivery fees

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