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Get ready to dance with one of the hottest artists of the early 2010s. Because right now, you could catch live concerts, shows, and special events with Yves Tumor.

This incredible artist has been on the scene producing track after smoking hot track. Their style has that exquisite blend between Prince and David Bowie with influence from Throbbing Gristle. It’s the kind of post-chillwave sound that will catch you in its spell and leave you in a trance.

Now’s a great time to check them out live! Yves Tumor released a brand new album that’s less than a few months old and that means plenty of new music to hear at all of their live events. You don’t want to miss out when Yves Tumor brings their fire style to your town!



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Yves Tumor is best known for their experimental musical style. While born in MIami, Florida with the name Sean Lee Bowie, Yves Tumor is currently based in Turin, Italy. And their music has made it to the charts in Belgium, Scotland, and across the UK.


Their discography includes five released studio albums that have been released as cassettes, digital downloads, CDs, and LPs that have been fan-favorites. These five albums are: When Man Fails You (2015), Serpent Music (2016), Safe in the Hands of Love (2018), Heaven to a Tortured Mind (2020), and Praise a Lord Who Chews but Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) (2023). To date, the last two albums have been popular enough to hit the music charts, with the current best showing belonging to Heaven to a Tortured Mind, which made it to #8 on the UK Indie chart.


Tumor was born in Miami, Florida but raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. They started making music at age 16 because they felt that the world around them was dull and conservative and music was their break from it all. They learned to play drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards and this early grounding in music helped them overcome the unpleasantness they experienced growing up in Tennessee.

Then, at age 20, Tumor moved to San Diego where they attended college, then they moved to Los Angeles soon after. There, they met up with Mykki Blanco in 2012 and toured for two and a half years through Europe and Asia.

It was around this time, the early 2010s, that Tumor began recording music. AllMusic described their sound as “Post-Chillwave”, which reflects a lot of their music to this day.

Tumor made their big break starting in 2015 with the release of an EP for Berlin’s experimental club label Janus and one for the label Dogfood MG. Then, that same year, their first album was released, When Man Falls For You.

The following year, Tumor signed on with PAN Records and released their label debut, Serpent Music. This album was worked on for three years after they moved to Leipzig, Germany, with parts of the album recorded between Miami, Leipzig, Los Angeles, and Berlin. This album gained the artist recognition with a Pitchfork’s review where critic Andy Beta compared Tumor’s style to James Ferraro and Dean Blunt. Beta noted that Tumor used “upsetting percussive loops and field recordings to create a mood as if lost in a strange urban landscape.”

Perhaps inspired by this, Tumor released a compilation album in 2017 titled Experiencing the Deposit of Faith for free. Then it was revealed that Tumor would be going on tour and that they had signed on to Warp Records. What followed was a tour that displayed Tumor’s unmistakable style to a new audience.

Tumor’s debut album under Warp was then released in September of 2018. This album, Safe in the Hands of Love, came with the singles “Noid”, “Licking an Orchid” and “Lifetime”. The album exploded onto the scene and was met with wide appeal and acclaim. Including some reviews that claimed that it eclipsed all of Tumor’s previous work.

Which means that this was when Tumor hit their stride.

And that turned out ot be correct with the fourth album, Heaven to a Tortured Mind, released on April 3, 2020. The album not only hit rave reviews, but landed on several music charts including a #8 peak on the UK Indie chart. The album was also awarded Album of the Week in The Guardian.

Since then, Tumor has remained putting out killer tracks with a 2023 album release that’s less than two months old at the time of writing. And their concert tours are always a major highlight!


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